What makes a brand ‘Cool’? What qualities should a brand have, to attract customers like starving bears to honey? And most importantly, what makes a brand relevant among the gazillion other offerings on the online markets?

These are the questions that should be on the minds of all those looking to make a mark on the internet marketplace.

Why so, you ask? Why can’t you just write a ‘proper, conventional and detailed copy’ that so many other companies are doing?

Four Reasons Why:

  1. Because people click the back buttons very quickly on dreary, boring website pages.
  2. Because quirky, clever and relatable content is just plain better.
  3. Because not all marketing trends are trendy.
  4. And because it is 2017, ‘nuff said.

What makes a Brand, a ‘BRAND’ today

We are living in a time when presenting yourself and what you are selling, on the internet, has been refined beyond refinement. It is an art form that only a select few are skilled at. These select few are the ones who started in an abandoned warehouse 6 months to a year back, and are currently raking in the millions.

But what separates this cream from the rest of the non-creamy, dry crop?

The answer is; the same things that separate living, breathing, smiling and laughing humans from machines. Humor, relatability, quirkiness, vulnerability, openness and charm; or in other words, all that makes a digital presence look Alive and Human

The Recipe: How to Make a Brand Attractive and Refreshing

Following is the master plan for how you can breathe new life into your personal brand or offering, and improve your overall digital presence.

Humanize the Brand

People are more likely to buy into a brand that connects with them on a human level. This means that you have to mould your brand presentation into one that talks to the visitor. This can be done in the following ways.

  • Make a Fun and Offbeat Home Page: ModCloth, the online clothing boutique is a brilliant example of this. Their Home page talks to you as if it is a member of the target market itself; young, trend-conscious women. This makes it both relatable and extremely clever, which then prompts the site visitor to click ahead. Additionally, that does half the marketing itself; a humanized and intellectually interactive home page.


  • Make an Equally Human and Casual ‘About Us’ page: This is where you get to tell the customer who came up with, who makes, and who manages, the product or service they are so interested in. A good way to do this is to show the faces of the people behind the company, give their social media links, basically give an actual face to the brand. HubSpot does this to perfection. They show off the people involved in the company as regular people who like to laugh, wear banana costumes, take group photos and generally have a good time running the company.


  • Market Your Brand in a Relevant Fashion: Gone are the marketing trends where you could market a brand by telling your target market that “This is the best thing, therefore stop deciding and give me your money”. Instead you will need to put a personal touch into your marketing program. Today, saying “Are you still deciding? Well let me help you; here’s this thing”, will be a lot more effective, as it forges a stronger bond with the customer.

Making your brand more human and accessible on a personal level will not only make your brand the coolest brand ever, in the minds of your customers, it will also make a lasting impression on even those who decide not to buy from you, leading to potential word of mouth marketing.