As the owner of a small business or service providing company, the concept of lead generation and subsequent business growth is possibly of paramount importance for you. This is due to the significance of lead generation towards growth as a business, and how the effectiveness of your lead generation/marketing strategy can mean the making or breaking of the business.

For the most part, businesses, especially small businesses in this day and age, are able to strategize and put into effect a marketing plan; to varying degrees of success. However, if you are to compete in the marketplace of today, you need a lead generation strategy that leverages all your positive assets to the max, and results in tremendous growth for your business.

Lead Generation Tips for Business Growth and Development

Following are a set of lead generation tips which can assist you in rising above the rest in terms of business growth.

Invest More in Micro-Events

In the business landscape of today, it pays, both literally and figuratively, to attend B2B conferences in order to expand networks and make deals. However, sometimes a B2B conference can prove to be quite expensive, and the results may not be as you expect since bigger companies often tend to and even actively seek to overshadow smaller businesses.

Instead of looking to participate in a larger conference, plan to attend smaller and more exclusive events that are specific to your industry or market.  For example, your local Chamber of Commerce is a great source to identify those market specific events.  Make sure to invite potential leads through direct emails. This will be a very good payoff in terms of leads, as compared to the more conventional channels.

Focus More on Personalized Contact

While it may seem counter-productive in the long run, it can prove to be very effective to grow your business in an environment where everything is electronic and automated. The prospective customer can potentially gravitate towards your business if they get a personalized call or email, which would be a welcome distraction from all the automated messages and ads they are bombarded with on a daily basis. This could again prove to be very advantageous, despite being a somewhat old-school approach.

Make Video Marketing One of Your Primary Marketing Channels

It has been proven time and time again that the visual medium is by far the most effective, as far as marketing goes. A picture may be worth a thousand words but a short video can sum up your entire business and what it stands for, as well as the products or services it provides, in a minute or less. Short and clever video ads on YouTube are currently proving more effective than long, expensive ones aired on television, since the general public has been shown to stream online more than they consume TV hours.

Video marketing is also effective due to its diversity and relevance. Whether you are a small business offering a product or a service, or even an educational institution, you can find equivalent success in terms of business growth and development.