Now that I have your attention, let's talk about how you are personal with your prospects and customers.

Going Old School

Let's go old school and forget that emails and texts were ever invented.  Let's talk about how your message will stand out and get read. Stop thinking that the only way is to communicate electronically. We are all trying hard to figure out how to get noticed.

If your still able to write cursive, use it.  The way kids are being taught in schools now, cursive may become a lost art.  Also, consider using type handwritten notes to get personal, other than email and texts.

What I'm talking about is using your handwriting skills to sit down and write out a postcard or short letter to your clients to show your appreciation for their business.  I guarantee that when they receive the postcard, it will be read and appreciated.

The Science of Following Up

How about you just had a great meeting with a prospect either in person or on the phone.  You've already made that personal voice connection, first step in getting personal.  Follow up the meeting with a thank you postcard or short letter. The problem today is that many business people don't even follow up with an email after a meeting or do it too late to be remembered.

Follow up with a prospect immediately and be sure to include a go to action.  For example, let's talk again later this week or next week or come visit our office.

It's also okay to type out a letter and actually sign it with a pen and send it by snail mail to your customer or prospect.  Again, I guarantee it will be opened.

Talking From Experience

For over 25 years, I have worked with and met with hundreds of people that are involved with college enrollments.  After each meeting, I would send out a Norman Rockwell postcard showing a father's son going to college.  I write, in pen a thank you for the meeting and a few words specific to our conversation.  If the prospect became a client, I would send them the same Rockwell as a framed print.  The cost was minimal and the impact was memorable. Many times, I saw the print hanging on the walls of the admissions office.

Think about how your business can become more personal with your prospects and clients.  Of course, emails are necessary for the nitty, gritty stuff, but take a few minutes to show your appreciation with hand written or personally signed letters.

Don't tell me it takes too much time.  That's saying your too lazy and don't appreciate your clients and prospects.  Try it, I guarantee your competitors won't be doing it because they are lazy. It's okay to go old school sometimes.