If you believe that then you're either very egotistical or plain stupid. 

Sales is one of the hardest things to manage in any business. But, without it there would be no business. Just think about it, you invent a new widget, but have no idea how to reach your market. Without a good sales and marketing plan you'll be out of business before you know it.

Your sitting in your office waiting for the sales to come, the phone to ring or the emails to come in, but what have you done to get people in the door or online. With sales, you always need to have something going on. Something that is supporting the selling effort.

Okay, you're XYZ restaurant, you have a good business and great word of mouth. Now, you've come up with some great new dishes that you want your customers and prospects to learn about. You don't have time to update your site and social media.  Or maybe you rely on a non responsive outside firm for the updates. Do you even know who your customers are, where are they located and how often they visit?  My guess is that most businesses don't compile this type of vital information.  If you're a restaurant or any service business that have people visit your establishment, whether they buy something or not, are you asking them to join your email list for updates on your business and special offers?  How about following you on Instagram or Facebook?  All you have to do is ask.  Compile and communicate with those customers and prospects. Compile means get those emails and customer names into a data base and then communicate with them.  Keeping your customers engage is easy with newsletters, special offers, satisfaction surveys and much more.

Are you using your customers and clients to sell for you?  Heck, do you even ask them?  You'll be amazed how many people that have bought your product or service would be willing to let others know about your business.  With online reviews at everyone's finger tips, having others sell for you is easy.  Encourage your customers to write a positive review of your business either on Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, or Google.  

I call this the good neighbor program and these people can be communicated with electronically to drive business to your location or web site.  An email welcome to the good neighbor prospect, with a special offer or premium is all you need to entice them to your business.  Then, continue to communicate with them.  The big guys, like LL Bean, Lands End and Amazon have been doing this for years.  Okay, you're not one of those big companies, but why not do what they do.  This is done through constant communication and great customer service.

A lot of what I have said is common sense, but it also means you have to have the time to do the regular communication.  Whether you do the work or you hire an employee or outside service to do it, in the end these efforts will easily payoff and will become a constant part of your business sales process.  You'll be surprised how quickly your customers will become friends that want to hear from you and will tell others. 

Sales are tough, but so are you.  Put in the time and the benefit will be immediate.