Yeah, we all complain about poor customer service.  We get the best service when we don't have to deal with other people.  Who benefits from this, Amazon and other online superpowers. 

Walmart has a double edge sword to deal with. By having a good online presence, but poor customer service in their stores. Then we have restaurants, supermarkets, medical offices, retail stores, hospitals, car repair shops and on and on.  Not all of these businesses have poor service, but the ones I run into seem to be some of the worst.

My first job was with a company that valued the customer as number one and the customer is always being correct. It may have been back in the seventies, but when did customer service change.

A large percentage of our high school and college graduates work in businesses that deal with the public.  They are trained to be experts in their specific field, but they are not taught how to talk with customers face to face.  Many people that work with the public are overly sensitive and don't take criticism well.  Get over it.

There are ways to nicely disagree with a customer/client that will not only make the sale, but bring them back.  If we considered every customer a potential ongoing revenue stream, then we should bend over backwards to keep them coming back.

It really is okay to say please and thank you. It's also okay to show your knowledge to your customers and build that initial relationship.  Shake a hand. Be complimentary.  Make a friend.

How can we start to fix customer service?  Like everything else, it starts at home by instilling respect for each other.  Then, all levels of education need to reinforce respect and the psychology of interaction with customers/clients.

If you already have a business that provides services to the public, make sure your employees are trained in quality customer service.  If service doesn't get better, people will gravitate more to online buying for everything and robots will more and more replace people. Driverless cars will bring us our groceries, takeout food and anything else that can be transported.  

All companies should take notice of how their people talk with customers.  Do you follow up quickly on questions? Do you call just to say hi and shoot the breeze sometimes? It doesn't matter if it's your salesman, engineer or anyone else in the company that has client contact.  They may be professionals, but are they trained in how to communicate with clients. One of the biggest complaints about corporate America are that messages are left and no one gets back to them at all or at a late date.  C'mon man!  Is that any way to treat a prospect or client? Hell no!!

There are only two old rules to follow.  One, the customer is always right and two look at number one.  Get your customer service act together now before someone else takes your customers/clients away from you.