Wether you have been doing digital marketing of your organization for a while or just starting, there are 10 important questions you should ask your digital provider before starting any campaign.  It is important to understand clearly what are you paying for and what type of results you should get.  Often, organizations engage in digital marketing campaigns because they sound too good to pass.  But at the end, they don't meet your expectations and become fails in your marketing arsenal.

RMB Marketing provides you 10 questions and answers that you should consider overtime you sign up for a digital marketing campaign.

1. What digital products are available to me?

It is important to know if your provider has a variety of products available.  Not all products will do everything that you want to accomplish. At RMB Marketing you have the following digital solutions available to you:

  • Retargeting
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Display Ad Network
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Native Ads
  • Mobile Conquesting
  • Facebook/Instagram/Facebook Audience Network
  • Household IP Targeting
  • Video Pre-Roll Targeting
  • SEO & Reputation Management

2How many exchanges do you buy across? What are your exchanges?

We buy across 17 exchanges.  Following are the exchanges that we buy from:

- Rubicon                          - AppNexus                - SpotXchange             - OpenX

- Microsoft Advertising    - AdForm                    - Double Click Adx      - Nexage

- Index Exchange             - PubMatic                  - IPONWEB                  - InMobi

- BrightRoll                      - MoPub                       - AdMeta                     - Facebook/Instagram

- LiveRail

3. Do you buy above the fold, below the fold or both?

We guarantee above the fold only on display banner ads.  Anything below the fold results in 84% drop in ability to see the ad.

4. What types of video products are available?

We have available 6 different types of video pre-roll products.  You can choose from any of the following for your campaign: video retargeting, video keyword targeting, video IP targeting, video behavioral targeting, Facebook/Instagram carousel and video ad networks. Additionally, we buy across 5 video exchanges:  SpotXchange, GoogleADX, BrightRoll, LiveRail, Facebook/Instagram.

5. What type of reporting will I receive?

Every month, we will provide you with a comprehensive report that includes impressions, clicks, conversions, and view throughs.  In addition, for certain products we are also able to provide website/app breakout, creative performance, device performance, and top keywords. You will be surprised with the amount of information that you will receive from our reports.  Compare it to other providers.  You will be amazed! 

6. Do you measure view-throughs?

Yes, we do. We measure when someone sees an ad, doesn’t click, but returns to your website via search or directly typing in your website address at a later date.  Most people don’t click on an ad (less than 1 in one thousand people) so tracking the people who see your ad, don’t click, but come to your website later is an important indicator of the effectiveness of your ad.

7. Do you track conversions?

Yes!  We can track any action that a person takes on your website including filling out a contact us form, making a purchase, downloading a coupon or info, signing up for a newsletter, scheduling an appointment, and many others.  Let’s talk about what you want us to track.

8. What types of targeting do you do on Facebook & Instagram?

With Facebook and Instagram, we can use a variety of tactics to target your audience.  Some of the most popular ad types are: Carousel News Feed, Lead Ads, Local Awareness Ads, Event Response Ads, Job Listing Ads, Custom Audience Matching to Email & Phone Database, Lookalike Audience Ads, Video.  These types of ads go across all devices (Right Hand Column Ads are desktop only).

9. Can you target down to individual households or just areas?

Yes, we can! With Household IP Targeting, we can target individual households.  We can do any area you choose- from particular zip codes, neighborhoods, cities, and states.  We just need data:

  • Any data list a you have.  All you need is: First Name and Last Name (if possible) and Full Address

  • Any data list that can be purchased from a direct mail vendor – any public data

  • Universities and Colleges (no list needed)

10. What types of retargeting do you do? How do you know when to shut off the retargeting? Do you use frequency caps?

We do 4 types of retargeting: display, video, Facebook and Instagram. We do use frequency caps and conversion tags to shut off the retargeting once the target converts (when the target does what we want) or they have seen an ad 24 times.