I often receive the same feedback from clients. "We bought into a state-of-the-art email marketing program, have tried it but our email campaigns under perform again and again." When I hear this, I'm more concerned about the amount of money that has been spent. At the end, you do want results, but there is nothing worse than zero results and lots of marketing dollars wasted.

RMB Marketing has added a new email feature to our full array of student recruitment programs that works. We guarantee that you will receive a 2% click-through rate. Plus, you will have access to a database of over 140 million all opt in consumer records to reach the exact audience you want.  These are leads that you may not now be reaching in any other way.

Let's say you want to reach more prospects for high school, adult education, military vets or online learners in Virginia. We will provide you with an email count from our database of over 140 million. Now let's say the search shows 20,000 email prospects based on your specific criteria. We email those prospects your message with graphics and track all of the opens and click through's. With our 2% guaranteed click-through rate, you will receive a minimum of 400 taking the next step. Typical open rates results are well over 12%.

How about the cost for 20,000 prospects? At a $85/CPM, the email data, email deployment and monthly reporting would be $1,700. Compare this to print where postage alone will be way over $1,700 to reach 20,000 prospects by mail. 

I'm not saying you need to shy away from print because it still has its place.  But with budgets shrinking and in an effort to stretch your dollars a bit more, consider a solution that gives you some type of guarantee.  Direct mail doesn't give you the same guarantee that this email feature can provide to your recruitment efforts.

If you would a free short demonstration, reach out to me at bbarlow@rmbmarketingllc.com