I was recently talking with a college client about his limited budget and his desire to attend a few of the national college fairs. The cost for the fairs, plus travel is a big budget item that's hard to sustain. Plus, he didn't think the investment was worth it given past results, but felt strongly that they needed to have a presence at some fairs.

Then we talked about Mobile Conquesting. This allows his college to have an electronic presence without actually being there physically. By just knowing the date, time and location, Mobile Conquesting will build a geo fence around the location and serve ads for his college while the prospects are at the fair. He asked what if the prospect isn't looking at their mobile device at that specific time. With Mobile Conquesting, you will continue to serve ads after they leave the venue for as long as you want.

This same process can be used for feeder two year colleges, for competitors events, around high schools and any special events including sports and concert venues.

Not only can you save money on this years college fairs, but you can actually have a presence at fairs you have never been to because of budget restrictions. It's all about getting your brand noticed by prospects that may have never heard of your college. Please click on the link below to learn more about Mobile Conquesting and how it can be used to your advantage to save money and increase your inquiry pool.